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For a fee that saves you money and is absolutely worth not having to hustle a taxi, hire a driver for 8-10hrs daily at the rate of N12-15,000 or at an hourly rate of N1,200 - N1500.


For this amazing offer, click here.


You can flag down taxies along the roads of Abuja.



This is NOT recommended for first-time visitors or people that are not yet familiar with the city and fare prices.


Hire a driver instead.


For safety tips get 'The Independent Traveler's Guide to Abuja' here.


Uber & Taxify are taxi apps that gets you a taxi to most locations around Abuja in minutes.


These are recommended for short one-off trips.


If you need a taxi for long hours, you are better off hiring a driver for the day.


Get Uber & Taxify for android.


This is a new overground train service in Abuja. It is however not fully functional.


You can, as of now, only take this train service to the Abuja Metro station, Idu Station or the Airport Station.


The service costs between N1000- N1500. It takes about 40-45 mins from the Airport to the heart of Abuja and Vice-versa. 


For a video on someone using the service, click on the link here.


For more information, click here.