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Abuja is littered with hotels and there is one for every budget, as well as every need.


All you need do is employ our services here and we will find the best hotel for your needs and budget.

Hotel rooms range from as a high as N1,000,000 ($2,770) per night, to as low as N7,000 ($19.23) per night. 

Find out more here.


Airbnb, it is a website where people offer up their homes to guests to spend however many nights as they please in exchange for money.


This is very popular in the western world and it is available in Abuja. All you need to do is click here for bookings.


Prices range between 15$ - 100$ per night. 


Just as with hotels, there are a variety of short-stay apartments in Abuja capable of meeting every need and budget.  

They are harder to find though as not very many are listed online.

If you are interested in one, you can employ our services here to find a suitable apartment for you.