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For this service:


-An experienced tour guide will pick you up from the airport and ‘guide’ you around the city for 7hrs daily. You pick the 7 hours you would want the guide with you during the duration of your stay/visit. You do NOT pay the guide.


-We organise your airport pickup and drop off at the end of your stay. Note; You bear the responsibility of paying an affordable fare to the driver. This fare will be agreed upon by all parties before the trip.


-We find you the best hotel/short-stay apartment your budget can afford you in Abuja.


-We sort your daily transportation and you pay a set price for the day (N12,000 - N15,000 daily OR N1200 - N1500 hourly)


-We organise daily (for 3 days) activities for you based on your interests & budget.


  • Due to the nature of the service being rendered, you can only request a refund during the first 12 hours from the time of payment, after which, any refund request will be refused except in exceptional circumstances.